Amanita phalloides  

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Amanita phalloides is used since hundreds of years as dilutions. It is especially used against fear of death. Isolde Riede has found over a scientific project, that it specifically inhibits the growth of tumor cells.  

Tumors develop in our body through an uncontrolled cell division of some cells. The immune system in principle can digest tumor cells. The goal of a wise tumor therapy should focus on the reduction of tumor cells, without damaging the immune system. Activation of the immune system in addition can help to destroy tumors.

In tumor cells the genetic pathways induce a situation, where the enzyme RNAP is used to full extent. In normal cells less activity is seen. Partial inhibition of RNAP with Amanita phalloides leads to an inhibition of the tumor cell growth, without affecting normal cells. The immune system can be stimulated with an extra dose of essential fatty acids.

With an uptake of 100 ml D2 within two months, about 50 % of all RNAP molecules are inhibited. At this stage usually the immune system attacks the tumor, which can cause inflammation symptoms.